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Breaking into the blogging business is tasking, like in any human endeavor, because it has its own challenges and perks. The virtual marketplace has unique milestones that can be quite frustrating. Sometimes you might be doing things by the book in terms of your blog loading fast, optimized search engine, social media button and social media presence through shares, mobile device friendly and domain name. You might do all these things and even more but still feel that your blog sucks because you are not getting the traffic that validates your hard work. Incidentally, this might not be a structural problem, but one of content which can be adjusted when you answer certain fundamental questions. Are you blogging for cash or for pleasure? What are the topical issues that are of interest to people?


Why do you blog?

Blogging is a venture that people get into for two reasons; to make money or to have fun. In a survey taken by Chris Garret in “Blogging Survey Results: Why People Blog” over fifty-one percent of bloggers indicated they blogged for the money while forty-nine blogged for pleasure. No matter the motivation for blogging, we can only succeed if people become interested in our content and generate traffic on the website. Blogging for pleasure is an interesting hobby as well as intellectually fulfilling. Yet, even the most ardent blogger will get discouraged when no one pays attention to the topics we extrapolate on. Is it not a nice feeling when debates and conversations generate from our ideas?

Equally, those who take blogging as a business will love to see dividends, but this cannot happen if people don’t read our content. Every entrepreneur desires dividends and in the business of blogging, these monetary returns will come when people visit your blog. The advertisers like ad sense, Google, and many others can only pay royalties to bloggers whose blogs generate traffic. This is, therefore, enough motivation for anyone to find out what they might actually be doing or not doing to keep traffic away.


What is of interest to people?

As a blogger, we are writing for our audience and it is therefore important to write about something that is of interest to them. Even if we write for pleasure, we still want others to enjoy our work, so it is vital to write about things that actually quips the reader’s interest. Every niche has interesting topics that anyone can dwell on. The internet has made it so easy for us to know what interest people with sites like eFor-Real, Quora, Beyond Your Blog, Copyblogger, BuzzSumo, and answerMug giving us ideas on interesting topics. Incidentally, we do not need to ask a soothsayer about interesting topics, topical issues generate such a buzz in today’s world and we just need to be current. In fact, it is fundamental that everyone wishing to become a career blogger must be up to date with the happenings in the world, be it in politics, celebrity world or human interest news. Knowing the topical issues and opening timely conversations about them is a perfect way of generating buzz and succeeding as a blogger.


Survey of Current Issues

We have reiterated on the necessity of current issues as a pointer to interesting topics, and it is important to elaborate a little. Let’s take politics for instance; so much is going on in the global political landscape of the twenty-first century. People want to know what world leaders are doing since their actions impact us in one way or the other. Profiling a political leader making news that day or week is great for your blog. Find out things about them like their lifestyle, their opinions about global warming etc, and your readers will love that. Also, the world of celebrities is so full of juicy stories. Find out unique insights, for example, with the ongoing FIFA soccer world cup. Speculate about that, like the likely countries to win to the championship, ask your readers to make suggestions. As we have said, it is not about you, it’s about your audience. Give them what they want. 



To be a successful blogger is the dream of many amateurs, but this dream always ends in ashes for some because we market the wrong product. The world in which we live is quite fluid with people easily losing interest and moving on to something new. As a blogger, you have to keep a step ahead and provide new things that will keep your readers intrigued and in need of more.



Garret, Chris. “Blogging Survey Results: Why People Blog”



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