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Humans are expected to live and die within a given period, an average lifespan of 79 years. Though there are no controls over the exact time and date, everyone will die. However, one can put some measures to enhance one’s lifestyle and stay healthy by engaging in some healthy activities that can improve one’s well-being and ensure that one lives a longer life. After all, “Health is Wealth,” and its meaning is very paramount to human existence as little or nothing can be achieved without good health. 


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A few activities that can help with living a healthy life come to mind: activities such as jogging, running, eating good food, sleeping enough and engaging in exercises. This post will focus on three of these activities for staying healthy and living longer life: running, consumption of coffee and beet juice. I will enumerate the advantages of engaging in these actions, and hopefully, you will see the reasons to follow suit.







Stay Healthy By Running

Running is one of the simplest methods to add more vitality to your body and more years to your age. When you run each day, it sculpts your body into a perfect shape and rid it of excess fat that could cause damage to your body system. According to a research work by experts, combining running for thirty minutes with other physical activities, at least four times in a week can increase your years of living by 3.2 years on the average.


Running has also been identified as one of the factors behind a better physical and cognitive function in the human body. These professionals suggest that engaging in the act of workout, running, helps burn calories and eradicate the excess body fat that could pave the way for high blood pressure and obesity amongst others. Try to run at least four times a week and ensure you combine it with other physical activities to stay healthy and enjoy additional years to your life.



Coffee: Essential For Staying Healthy

You might be surprised that drinking coffee makes the list of life-span extending activities, despite the warning from some recognized experts that coffee could cause irreparable damage to your body system.


Recent research, conducted by a group of medical professionals, have put the controversy to rest as taking more coffee on a daily basis has been verified to have an inverse relationship with reduction (18%) of death risk. In thorough research conducted in more than ten European countries, different people from various races were checked for the effects of coffee in their body systems.


It was observed that those individuals who consume three cups on a daily basis could help control the presence of digestive and circulatory diseases in the body. Coffee consumption regularly has been confirmed to reduce the risk of contracting terminal ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney, stroke, cancer, and respiratory diseases.


This correlation between coffee and the reduction of a person’s risk of mortality has been evident in the lives of individuals studied at the time of the research. Drinking more coffee is crucial to human health as it comprises a combination of compounds filled with neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory components that help put in check the growth of Parkinson’s disease in the body.


Coffee consumption regularly also assists in decreasing the levels of glucose and inflammation in the body. This study further explains that coffee can help the liver perform its functions correctly, and assist in minimizing depression that could lead to suicide.  You can start a new healthy life today by drinking more coffee as it offers you the opportunity to stay healthy and live longer as it is believed to have the power to lower a person’s risk of mortality.






Stay Healthy By Drinking Beet Juice

Have you ever pondered on the health benefits of beet? In case you don’t know, Beets are one of the components used in producing healthy juices in most pharmaceutical centers. Drinking beet juice is known to have incredible features that could make one look younger than your age.


According to some medical researchers who conducted research on older individuals, who have high blood pressure, drinking of beet juice in conjunction with exercises will offer more impressive results such as improvement in the function of the brain of these older people.


These experts observed in the course of their investigation that their respondents, who have hypertension, drank beet juice before they commenced their exercise recorded a significant turnaround in their bodies. These are the advantages of drinking beet juice:


A)  Consumption of the beetroot juice can cause a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also improves the cardiovascular functions of the body.


B)  Drinking beetroot juice can enhance the flow of blood to the brain and reduce the progression of dementia in the body.


C) The nitrate content of the beet strengthens one’s body for athletic performances. Beetroot contains silica which is a crucial ingredient that helps the growth of hair and bones.


D) Beetroot consists of magnesium, sodium, potassium, and dietary nitrate. The function of magnesium and sodium is to ensure the flow of fluids in the body. Potassium also helps in the regulation of metabolism in the body.


E) Beetroot contains several vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and Iron. Vitamin C is the vitamin that helps your immune system, while Vitamin A is crucial for good vision and healthy skin. Iron helps produce more red blood cells in the body.


With the enormous benefits of the three listed components above, it will be an excellent idea to apply them to your daily lifestyle and enjoy a healthy life. You are also free to pick the option(s) that suits you among these listed three.


We will be glad to have your feedback. And yes, like any other thing that you do, add God to the mix.

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