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1) Australian Funnel Web Spider

Australian Funnel Web Spider

Australian Funnel Web Spider (Image Credit)

Australia is full of creatures that can’t wait to get a taste of one’s flesh! Okay, maybe a little bit exaggerated as they’re not really waiting to pounce on one’s flesh unless provoked. But they would if the situation calls for a fight or self-defense.


One of these creatures that would defend itself when toyed with is the Australian funnel-web spider–aggressive and venomous. This is a spider that has been deemed by many as the world’s deadliest spider.


The Australian funnel-web is not an arachnid you want to mess with. Its venom can kill a human in as little as fifteen minutes. Currently, there exist at least 40 different species of the spider. However, only one of those species is deemed truly deadly. And this species of spider is black in color and has very skinny legs.


Some spiders usually blend in with their environment somewhat, but the funnel-web spider is so dark that it highly stands out from the environment. So, it is fortunate that they are easy to spot, unless, of course, you happen to slip a foot into a shoe conveniently housing one of them.


While it’s true that they’re deadly, their venom has been found to stop brain damage from occurring due to stroke. The Colossus, a huge funnel spider, is being milked for its venom as it is said to be a great source of anti-venom for the bites from the deadly funnel spider. More testing is being done to determine further reaches of the funnel spider ‘s venom.



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