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3) Malayan Pit Viper

Malayan pit viper

Malayan pit viper (Image Credit: Thai National Parks)

The Malayan pit viper is like the North American copperhead snakes. They prefer dry and flat areas. These snakes are also known as lazy snakes because they will not move even when a human is approaching.


They are also venomous and dangerous, in addition to behaving unpredictably. That is, they are calm one minute, and the very next minute they could strike without warning. I would seriously recommend avoiding them because their venom could rot a finger or even the whole arm if one’s finger is bitten by the snake.


The venom from the pit viper can be used to treat a variety of medical issues such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and even blood disorders. And this is by no means the limits to its potential as the snake venom can be used for a lot more medicinal needs.


After the first antivenom discovery by Albert Calmette in 1896, it wasn’t long before other people began making discoveries about snake venom, and what it can do with regards to saving human lives. To this day, experts continue to make progress with snake venom in hopes of creating more medical uses.



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