There are hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world. The exact number is anyone’s guess, but it is estimated that there are over 13 million rooms available across the globe at any one time. Which is why; when traveling, choosing the right lodging can often be a tedious task.


The smaller, more affordable hotels offer only the most basic guest services and amenities, while the larger, more luxurious establishments provide additional facilities and services such as swimming pools, business centers, childcare facilities, high-end restaurants, spa services, gymnasiums, and more. However, whatever your price point, once you´ve stayed in one hotel, you have stayed in them all.


The hotel-going experience is pretty much the same anywhere you go; except when it isn’t.


There are so many unique hotels in the world that offer experiences far beyond the usual room and board. These hotels can be, in and of themselves, the main attraction of your travels. Without a doubt, if you are adventurous enough to spend a night in one of these hotels you just might end up living through a captivating adventure.

Here are 15 of the world’s most unique hotels:



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