Mice, Mouse, Primates, Mammals, Human test study, Experiments, Organs, Animals, Nature


4) Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans:

chimpanzee, Primates, Mammals, Human test study, Experiments, Organs, Animals, Nature

Image Credit: Pixabay

These primates share a common ancestry, hominids, to humans. And their DNA is about 85-96% similar to humans. Some folks, for these reasons, do refer to humans as the more advanced chimps.


This extent of compatibility is the reason that these animals’ genome can be used to infer the impact and safety of scientific studies with a great degree of confidence before the studies are tested on humans







Apparently, like humans, all of these test animals are mammals. This, in addition to having the same or similar organ and genome, makes them quite compatible for use as a substitute for humans in scientific experiments. And moreover, some of these animals can relatively easily be discarded when the unthinkable happens, but hopefully, the animal rights groups are top of things.







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