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There is a multitude of innate skills that are too valuable not to possess even as the world becomes more technologically advanced. Each one of us may want to endeavor to learn these sets of abilities and know-how, as one never knows when a common situation, needing such a skill, may present itself.

This post will present a list of the top 31 most important how-to’s, based on a survey of 113 persons, which everyone should know:



1) Live On A Budget: It is essential that everyone learns how to live on a budget as life is unpredictable–could throw curve balls that would require such a skill. Trust me because I have been there.
How to live on a budget


2) Be Financially Educated: Having financial knowledge is one of the most important tools that we can equip ourselves with in life. Financial literacy involves understanding various aspects of finance such as investing, real estate, saving for college, budgeting, saving for retirement etc. The most important aspect of financial planning is “TIME”. The more time you have the better. That is why it is imperative to start planning for your financial future at a young age.
How to be financially educated


3) Manage Time. Talking about time, when it is gone, one can never get it back, and so, it is essential that every time of our lives is spent wisely be it, for example, in business, jobs, and with family.
How to Manage time


4) Research The Internet: One needs to be able to browse and research the web to access important information like these how-tos.
How to research the internet


5) Use A Computer: One needs, for starters, to learn how to use computers before being able to access the web for important information
How to use a computer


6) Spot A Lie: The world is full of liars. While some lies are obvious, others are not so much. Lies have been known to destroy peoples’ lives with regards to, for example, relationship, reputation, and career.
Hot to spot a lie


7) Tie A Tie: Learning how to properly tie a necktie should be considered an essential skill, unlike tying a shoelace. There are hundreds of different knot variations, and learning at least one is important. Don’t wait until an important event presents itself before learning how to tie the perfect tie. So, practice now.
How to tie a tie


8) Cook: Having some familiarity with some basic kitchen skills will go a long way in making one’s life, and the life of one’s loved ones more memorable and cost-effective. Eating out can get expensive fast, and so, cooking at home could save one hundred if not thousands of dollars per year.
How to cook


9) Write A Letter: We live in an age of digital communication, and so some may have completely forgotten the art of handwriting letters. A handwritten note or letter could convey intimacy, affection, respect, and appreciation far beyond that of any email.
How to write a letter

10) Kiss: A good kiss activates over 30 facial muscles and induces the production of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone involved in love, affection, and desire. A good kiss has been known to change lives, for instance, it has been said to influence peoples’ decision with regard to a life partner. So it is important that none of us take this skill for granted.
How to Kiss


11) Apply Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Speaking of changing lives, properly performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation can mean the difference between a person living or dying. Statistically, CPR has been demonstrated to significantly improve the rates of survival until professional medical care can be administered.
How to apply CPR


12) Give A Public Speech: A public speech is amongst the most dreaded and poorly handled occasions for people around the world. However, being able to clearly and successfully communicate with others is essential in life. Learn how to give a proper speech, and you will be able to motivate, garner respect, and win over any crowd.
How to give a public speech


13) Change A Tire: Even if you don’t personally own a car, knowing the proper way to change a tire safely is indispensable. Every single one of us will ride in a vehicle at some point in our lives, and being the person who knows what to do when a tire blows out could make you very popular among friends. Moreover, not everyone can afford a roadside assistance.
How to change a tire


14) Read A Map: The science of reading and interpreting maps has been neglected by virtually many people. This is in thanks, in part, to the meteoric rise of smartphones and GPS apps. However, what will one do when one finds oneself lost and without a phone? Learn to read and interpret a map and avoid that potential future headache.
How to read a map


15) Find North Without A Compass: One, to properly align one’s bearings, would need to orient it in reference to true North. And the easiest way to do this is with a compass. But what happens when one isn’t available? Knowing how to identify and find true North without the aid of a compass is a skill that can be learned within minutes.
How to find North without a compass


16) Build A Shelter: If you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the wilderness, however unlikely that may be, having a grip on this skill set can save your life. A makeshift shelter will provide one with warmth and protection from inclement weather.
How to build a shelter


17) Do A Push-up: We are all familiar with the health benefits of physical activity. That is, with regards to working out and getting in shape. Nevertheless, few of us have the money, time, or perseverance to commit to a gym, but we can all do a push-up. A proper push-up will work one’s entire upper body and increase one’s core strength.
How to do a push-up


18) Fix An Outlet: There are so many electricians on standby ready to repair faulty electrical outlets. But knowing how to solve these types of issues by oneself could save you hundreds of dollars and improve your self-esteem to boot. With just a few tools and a little bit of know-how, one could learn to replace a broken outlet or fixture in no time. Regardless of what many might think about this, this writer would recommend a professional as doing this yourself could get dangerous
How to fix an outlet


19) Iron Clothes: Staying sharp could create the right impression at the right time. And one way to do this is by keeping one’s clothes ironed. Most people see ironing clothes as an insufferable chore, but it could become straightforward and practical if one learns to do it properly and efficiently.
How to iron clothes


20) Tie A Knot: You never know when you may need this skill. A good knot can save a life, make a difficult job easy, or help one pass the time. Knot tying is an art and can even be a fun hobby. There are knots for every job and learning a few can save you in a pinch.
How to tie a knot


21) Put Out A Fire: One will never know the urgency of knowing how to successfully extinguish out-of-control flames until it is too late. Invest some time in learning how to put out fires, and you will be investing in the safety of everyone around you.
How to put out a fire



22) Swim: Learning how to swim should be a required skill. Besides being a fantastic exercise, learning how to swim is learning how not to drown. Not drowning is undoubtedly a good skill set to have.
How to swim


23) Administer First Aid: Skills for administering first aid are needed to treat injuries like burns, which is one of the most common home injuries. It is also helpful for treating injuries sustained, especially by kids who are well pruned to bruises and injuries
How to administer first aid


24) Improve Memorize Skills: Most of us learn early on how to memorize stuff; however, we all go about it the wrong way and memorize through repetition. Fortunately, there are effective methods that can help with that.
How to memorize


25) Take A Good Picture: Most of us run around with high-quality digital cameras in our pockets and, collectively, we are all taking more pictures than ever in history. However, the grand majority of the pictures, sorry, sucks. Learn the proper technique for taking good quality photographs that your friends, family, and perhaps society will thank you for.
How to take a good picture


26) Change A Baby Diaper: This is an essential skill if you plan on becoming a parent. Even if one does not plan to have kids of your own, at some point, you will be around nieces, nephews, or friend’s babies.
How to change a diaper


27) Shake Hands: A great handshake can make a great first impression. But a bad handshake will stand out like a sore thumb every single time. This is essential if one wants to make a great first impression during, for example, a job interview or business meeting.
How to shake hands:


28) Speak A Foreign Language: The world is more globalized than ever before, which makes being able to speak a foreign language a crucial social skill. Speaking at least two languages will guarantee you a fighting chance in the job market as well as allow one to connect more personally with the locals when one travel abroad.
How to speak a foreign language


29) Pick A Lock: Successfully picking a lock is not a thing restricted to spy movies or criminals. It is a teachable skill could come handy the next time one is locked out of one’s house or car.
How to pick a lock


30) Argue Intelligently: Most people do not know how to argue. In fact, most people argue in such a way that could actively work against their own interests. Arguing properly is a skill that could save hours of frustration and bickering.
How To Argue Intelligently


31) Dance: Dance is a fun and dynamic exercise, and also an invaluable social bonding experience. Few things in life impress the opposite sex more than a person who is able to dance
How to dance

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