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Why are some people able to achieve success in life when so many others can’t?

Every day, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, and Facebook timelines bombard us with boastful people loudly sharing their success stories and the secret to their successes. And one, from this stories, could come to the conclusion that the concept of success is highly subjective as what some persons might perceive as success might not necessarily align with others definitions for success. For example, being successful does not necessarily mean being rich; in fact, for some, success is merely having the ability to achieve personal goals.

Regardless of how one may perceive success, very few people are actually able to accomplish any meaningful form of success. But why is that? Why can some people succeed in life while others can’t figure out how to? This is a complicated question, and the answer is even more so. Let’s take a perfunctory look at some of the possible reason why we all can’t be successful.




1) Some of us lead unhealthy lives:

It all starts with the body; if we spend our energies living unhealthily we will have very little left over to fight for success.


2) Some of us don’t accurately value time:

Time is of the essence. So many of us don’t realize how valuable time is. Once it’s gone, you can’t ever have it back.


3) Some of us don’t have any clear goals:

Having clearly defined goals is essential to finding success. When you don’t, you become susceptible to all manner of distractions and setbacks.


4) Some of us are afraid to fail:

One of my favorite quotes in the world says, “The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried.” If you want success, you will have to embrace failure. Remember, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


5) Some of us lack self-confidence:

If you lack self-confidence all the decisions that you make will be tainted by doubt. Trust in your abilities and innate capacity to surmount all obstacles.


6) Some of us are quick to make excuses:

Human beings are great at coming up with excuses to justify our failings. When we make excuses we unwittingly forfeit personal responsibility and push success further and further away.


7) Many of us act unfairly towards others:

Nobody can be successful in isolation. We need others just as much as others need us. If we act unfairly or unkindly towards those we rely on, we will never find success.


8) Many of us are excellent procrastinators:

We all procrastinate to some extent; it is part of human nature. However, the most successful of us learn to beat the habit. If you want to become successful in life, you will have to learn to push past this.


9) Many of us perceive challenge as negative:

Challenge is a positive thing. Individuals who can’t seem to wrap their hands around this concept struggle through life and never find success. Remember that the hardest metal must be tempered in the hottest fires.


10) Many of us are not driven enough:

Almost without exception, drive lies behind success. If you are unable to consolidate your efforts around those things which drive you forward, you will stagnate, and your success will forever remain beyond reach.


11) Many of us are not honest with ourselves:

We like to lie to ourselves, and often minimize our shortcomings while exaggerating our strengths. This is a dangerous habit, and nothing good comes from it. Be honest with yourself.


12) Many of us are not efficient:

Be efficient in everything you do. Waste not, want not!


13) Most of us are not stalwarts:

Being a stalwart, in this case, means having the strength of body, mind, and spirit.


14) Most of us are not comfortable delaying gratification:

If you need instant gratification to feel comfortable in life, you will have a hard time becoming successful. Being able to delay gratification, and understand that the payoff will come in due time, will allow you to push through the hard times.


15) Most of us have an aversion to taking risks:

Few people enjoy taking risks, and understandably so. However, if success is what you want, then there is no way around taking risks. Those who take no risks are not aspiring high enough.


16) Some of us are unable to identify opportunities:

Sometimes an opportunity for success will hit us square in the face, and we will still be unable to recognize it for what it is. Being able to identify the opportunities for success is a talent that can be learned. Keep your eyes open.


17) Some of us are too impulsive:

Analysis paralysis is problematic; however, being too brash can be counterproductive to success. Every decision should be carefully analyzed.


18) Some of us are surrounded by the wrong crowd:

Tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you how likely you are to become successful. The wrong crowd can set you back. Surround yourself with people who can contribute to your success.


19) Some of us don’t realize that success demands hard work:

Success demands hard work. This is an unavoidable truth, and the faster you internalize it, the quicker you will see positive changes in your life.


20) Some of us want success for the wrong reasons:

Think deep and hard about the reasons you seek success. Is it for the approval of others? Is it for wealth? Is it a matter of pride? If we associate success to the wrong motivations, it will not come easily.


21) Some of us are too negative:

Negativity breeds pessimism, anxiety, and mistrust. You will never achieve success so long as those qualities are a part of your daily dealings.


22) Many of us are afraid to go against the grain:

There is a fine line between genius and madness. Sometimes, to achieve success, you will have to go against the grain. Do not be afraid to stand up to naysayers.




23) Many of us are not flexible:

The hardest steel is also the most brittle. Learn to roll with the punches and know when to adapt to your circumstances. Be flexible, and you will be better prepared to handle any obstacle.


24) Many of us still believe in overnight success:

Believing in overnight success when you are an adult is like believing in the tooth fairy. It doesn’t exist.


25) Many of us are easily distracted:

Staying focused is essential to achieving success. If you are easily distracted you run the risk of investing time and energy in fruitless endeavors.


26) Some of us are obsessive about control:

Being assertive and knowing how to take control of a situation is important. However, if you become obsessive about always having total control you will very likely burn out before achieving success.


27) Many of us are afraid to say no:

Sometimes you will be presented with situations where the best option is to decline and pass. Learning when to say no is crucial in becoming successful.


28) Most of us equate success to riches:

If you measure your success millions of dollars, you will probably find that success is unreachable. The majority of us will never become millionaires, so don’t make the mistake of thinking only rich people are successful.


29) Some of us are afraid of success:

However strange it might seem, the reason why some people seemingly cannot become successful is simply that, deep down, some folks are afraid to do so.


30) Most of us are not even sure what success is:

If you don’t know what you are looking for, how do you expect to find it? Figure out what success means to you personally, and you might be surprised to find out that it is closer than you think.

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