Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, archaeological discovery



11 – Ancient Peruvian Mummy

Throughout history, ancient cultures have assigned great importance to the preservation of their deceased as part of ceremonial funeral customs. While ancient Egyptian culture is the best-known example of this behavior, they are far from being the only one. One culture that regularly performed these rituals of mummification was the Peruvian Ichma people.

Recently, it was announced that a team of archaeologists from Belgium had discovered an intact Peruvian mummy thought to be more than a thousand years old. Finding mummies is in itself rare, but finding specimens in such a pristine and untouched condition is a one in a lifetime find.

If you think mummies are fascinating, wait until you hear about the mummified claw that scared archaeologists in New Zealand.



Tags: Ancient Archaeology Discovery Nature Tourism

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