Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, archaeological discovery



12 – Mummified Mount Owen Moa

Everyone has heard of the Dodo; however, few people are aware of the existence of the majestic Moa. The Moa was a group of species of giant flightless birds, not unlike modern-day ostriches, which were native to New Zealand until their extinction around the year 1300 AD.

However, thirty years ago, in 1986, a group of speleologists who were investigating a vast system of caves in Mount Owen, New Zealand, found a large and practically intact Moa talon. Its appearance (still possessing both muscle and sinew tissues) seemed to indicate that it belonged to a recently deceased animal. Nevertheless, laboratory analysis dated the find to be more than 3000 years old, which completely changed the world’s understanding of the way animal matter could decompose over time.

The claw of Mount Owen was discussed around the world because for years many believed it to be the claw of a dinosaur. 

Another discovery that is probably commonly heard of around the world is the next item on our list, the tomb of the most famous pharaoh in history.



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