Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, archaeological discovery



15 – 7000-Year-Old Brains

It is one thing for an inorganic matter like stone and masonry to survive intact throughout the years, but it is another matter when organic materials do so. Human remains enduring for hundreds of years, although not unheard of, is extremely rare; but for human remains to survive, well-preserved, for thousands of years is astonishing.

In 1996, two archeologists digging through the peat bottom of a lake in the state of Florida, USA, found not one, but two intact human brains. The specimens were so well-preserved that they retained their original shape and size, and a laboratory analysis reported that the tissue contained intact DNA.

Archeology can give glimpses into the deep past and may perhaps provide us with the insight to make accurate conjectures about the human future path through history.



Tags: Ancient Archaeology Discovery Nature Tourism

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