Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, archaeological discovery



2 – Staffordshire Hoard

In July of 2009, an English treasure hunting enthusiast, using only a standard metal detector, found the largest known Anglo-Saxon treasure trove to date. The treasure, known as the Staffordshire Hoard, consists of more than 7000 pristine pieces of gold, silver, and garnet jewelry, and is valued to be worth more than 3 million pounds sterling.

The hoard, although, was deposited some time during the 7th century, most items found were well preserved. And because of the exceptionally well-preserved status of the majority of items in the collection, the hoard provides unprecedented value and excitement to historians and is expected to alter our perception of Anglo-Saxon history radically.

The next archeological discovery goes back about 500 years in history to the dawn of the new millennium; here, another example of an archeological discovery is generating profound insight and widespread excitement because it altered previously held notions of historical events.



Tags: Ancient Archaeology Discovery Nature Tourism

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