Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, archaeological discovery



8 – Intact Wine Amphorae

Israeli archaeologists recently found two 2,000-year-old wine amphorae in a cave high in the mountainous region north of the country. The archeological dig also found several jars, bowls, and cooking pots made of clay. However, it is the wine amphorae that steal the show by virtue of their size. These wine jars measure over 27 inches tall and have a diameter of over 19 inches.

Most remarkable is the fact that the site is located in an extremely difficult to reach cave which begs the question, why did they choose to settle there? The fact that cooking utensils were found suggests that people resided in the cave, at least for a while. Some archeologists also suggest that perhaps the cave previously enjoyed access that today no longer exists.

If you think clay pots surviving for thousands of years is intriguing, then what how about an almost intact ancient ship found at the bottom of the sea.



Tags: Ancient Archaeology Discovery Nature Tourism

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