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A website or an online business platform, regardless of being well designed and formatted, is still practically worthless if it has no traffic going to it. And this is why many website owners are always keen to learn practical ways, including using search engine optimization (SEO) guides and referrals, to build/increase their online traffic, especially from organic search results.

But SEO strategy and referrals are not the only methods that websites can use to build/increase their free traffic, as traffic can also be generated via paid advertisements. This post, however, will focus on free traffic from referrals and search engines.

Specifically, the post will discuss tested methods for maximizing website traffic out of the many methods, including SEO strategies, out there such as the use of social media platforms, email marketing, guest postings/ blog posting, blogging, and link building to mention these few.

The post will do this via the feedback received from 11 business owners on the practical methods, including technical search engine optimization guides and strategies, which they use to improve search engine results, and also their source(s) of free referral traffic to their online businesses.






Clickable List Of The 11 Entrepreneurs

Balazs Hajde   Nick Galov   Haley Anhut   Chane Steiner    Stacy Caprio    Taras Prystatsky    Peter Koch    Morgan Lathaen    Brett Downes    Bernice Quek    Alex Tran


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