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1) Balazs Hajde

Improve SEO, SEO, Online Traffic, Online Business, Online MarketingAs an online marketing business, we make daily use of SEO tools and tactics to give us an edge in search engine rankings. However, while our link building methods were incredibly efficient, we neglected a lot of on-page SEO factors in the past.

To remedy this situation and better leverage our domain authority, we did a little experiment with term frequency times inverse document frequency (TF*IDF) optimization of some of our pages. TF*IDF, by the way, is a numerical statistic used in information retrieval to represent how important a specific word or phrase is to a given document.

In short, during a (TF*IDF) analysis, we look at the top ranking pages, on the google search engine, for a specific search term, then compare their TF*IDF scores with the article we want to improve. We, based on the data from the SEO tool analysis, made some adjustments to the content to align our TF*IDF score with that of the prospect pages.

This SEO strategy will most often mean adding and removing words, or using some words more or less, and tweaking the content formatting a bit with the keyword research.

The whole SEO process, which takes about 15-20 minutes per page, can be performed with free SEO tools online. This technical SEO method gave rise to a significant ranking and traffic boosts for many of our articles.

This experiment strengthened our general belief that, while content quality and uniqueness are important, Google search engine is still just an algorithm. If your content is too long / too short or lacks certain phrases and patterns, there’s a chance Google might not like it that much.



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