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6) Taras Prystatsky

Improve SEO, SEO, Online Traffic, Online Business, Online MarketingWe are a B2B digital marketing agency that has a special focus on delivering alternative marketing solutions. I would like to share our Quora Case Study as an example of leveraging self-brand and gaining more traffic with no paid promotion or something like that.

Our CEO’s Quora account, though created in 2013, was inactive for 5 years. We started answering questions in November of 2018, but these didn’t receive many views back then. Regardless, especially because we saw other professionals, in our niche, building their brand on Quora, we decided to pay even more attention and write even better answers. In a month, in December 2018, our answers gained more than 2k views each, which motivated us to continue.

The great thing about Quora is that it is well SEO-optimized. That is, when a person uses the Google search engine to find a question – s/he will find a Quora answer in top-5 results. The other nice thing about Quora is that popular answers are added to Quora Digest, reaching many people who are interested in a particular topic via email. We have used these referral and SEO technique to our benefit, which has resulted in more than a million views.

I have to admit, when it comes to website traffic, that it wasn’t our primary goal. So, our link building was weak as we didn’t add a link to many answers that we gave. But now that we have just started with a strong link building, adding links where they are relevant, we have managed to grow the number of unique visitors by 30% in our peak periods.



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