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10) Bernice Quek

Improve SEO, SEO, Online Traffic, Online Business, Online MarketingBumble Scoop is a lifestyle magazine that covers a myriad of topics from beauty to parenting and travel. We focus on search engine optimization (SEO) of our articles by doing keyword research, to improve search engine result, which doesn’t require spending money at all.

The very first article that we published tapped on the popularity of this Chinese hot pot chain in Singapore. We actively promoted this article on relevant Facebook groups, and it managed to get 1.1k+ social shares. As a result, our site referral traffic reached an all-time high of 9k in just one day and 40k in a month.

This was an incredible feat for a website that has just launched for a month. We then went on to update the article regularly by adding more freebies to the list, which was also great for SEO.

Following that came the Chinese New Year season where we worked with several bakers to feature their brand in a listicle. In exchange, we requested for a backlink from their website and social media shout outs as a link building SEO strategy. What we found out was that because these websites didn’t do outbound linking, at all, their link building to us help raise our Domain Rating (DR), which shortly after, was 22. And this was 2 months after launching the website.

Today, we’ve hit a DR of 27 with a total of 102 backlinks. We’re still actively reaching out to like-minded brands who are willing to do a backlink exchange for a feature. This reciprocal link building and search engine optimization strategy have been working well for us thus far, and we plan to stick with it.




11) Alex Tran

Improve SEO, SEO, Online Traffic, Online Business, Online MarketingI am a yoga and meditation instructor. I increased my online business traffic by accepting guest posts on my blog. And this has led to more folks, through this SEO strategy, to find my blog, to guest post on, essentially providing more relevant contents for Free.

I must note that I always ensure their content is in line with my blog niche, and in turn, if their post is accepted, I offer a backlink. I have observed that my traffic grew steadily as I created more content for my website via this SEO strategy.

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