Have you ever tried traveling, through an unknown destination, without a map or a global positioning system (GPS)? I bet you would feel lost, like you were in a maze. And in some cases, even with the GPS or maps, e.g., on local roads, you can also get lost because they are only as good as the data stored or used to create them.  Same analogy can be applied to life as we struggle from infant-hood to adulthood, navigating through the ups and downs of our existence. Informative resources are needed to navigate through the obstacles that life throws at us. And these resources currently abound in the form of blogs, books, news and television channels.

Blogs, books, news and television stations are great source of information on varying topics/ Niches. Passionate individuals use either experiences or research or a combination of both, through these mediums, to put together “life teaching lessons.” These lessons, depending on the inclination of the originator, can range from how to make money, to selecting a school, picking a life partner, starting a successful business, getting the best deals on purchases and to mention a few.  However, regardless of how great these mediums are, like the GPS and maps, they are only as limited as the research materials and experiences exposed to the author.

This limitation can be overcome if an avenue is envisioned, where individuals are allowed to share their own life teaching story in a library cataloged format.  In other words, people, for example, with personal life teaching experiences on dating, can share these experiences under the niche entitled dating, and so on and so forth.  Through this method, the ultimate natural guide on dating is developed. This technique gives meaning to the phrase, “experience is the best teacher.” This is one of the goals of the website, www.eFor-Real.com . We hope that every stake holder would be a part of this. Seriously though!!



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  1. eFor-Real 2 years ago

    Interesting read!

  2. chuksfx 2 years ago

    Nice post

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