Have you recently come across valuable and unique information that you wish to share with the public? eFor-Real.com will enable you to share the message in about 50 words, so shoot for the point! But you must also attach a link from a reputable source to back up the said information. We recommend that you look at previous posts on the website before posting. We also recommend watching this video:

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Please be informed that to post on efor-real.com, these conditions must be met:

  • The information MUST NOT be self promotional
  • The information MUST NOT be older than 3 days from time of post
  • The first letter of every comment must be in CAPS
  • The information MUST have a reaching impact on society.
  • The information MUST be from a reputable source (insert the link)
  • The post MUST be assigned to a GROUP

Please, do not take it personal if your post doesn’t show up; it may not have met one of our requirements. Thank you very much for taking the time to help us in enriching society with valuable and unique information.

Other Benefits:

eFor-Real also

  • Enables folks to post original questions and get answers to those questions
  • Encourages original and unique guest post.
  • Enables the use of the employer/employee platform.

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