My avatar does not show up in the header section

This usually happens when you use social login to import

your profile. This can be fixed by changing your profile

photo via this link:

The photo would show up the next time you login again

using social login.

How do I insert a link?

You can insert a link using the

format below:

<a href=”URL”> Link Text </a>


Can a member create a group?

No,  a member cannot create a group; only the 

administrator can do that. However, a group, after

due consideration, may be created at the request

of site members.

My post or blog is not showing up

This could be because:

  • The post is not the right fit for this platform
  • Your initial post may not show up until it has been

  approved by a moderator.


We are sorry that we are unable to inform everyone of our



Are there things to consider before posting

 Please Watch This

All posts MUST be in English

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