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NASA, Space Programs And Women

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It is no secret that women have been underestimated and underrepresented in many facets of life, especially in sectors and industries that are considered to be ” mentally difficult” to work in and would require a lot of brain work and thinking.         Many of these industries, which have been deemed tough […]

Future Innovations That Could Be Inspired By Animals

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Ever wondered why scientists take expeditions to pristine part of nature, for example, the deep forest of Amazon? Well, your answer is as good as mine, as these scientists believe that nature holds the key to almost everything. And so, in this regards and many more, nature is truly magnificent and inspiring especially with all […]

20 Most Influential People In History

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Hundreds of singular men and women, throughout history, have had such an influential impact in shaping the world today via their actions. These groups of people through, for example, religion, science, discovery and inventions, politics, world wars, genocides, political coups, and acts of terrorism have, for better or worse, greatly impacted the world. We owe […]

20 Major History Changing Inventions

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Why did history unfold the way it did? The account of human history is a profoundly complex web of interconnected events and accidents. Modernity is but the surface layer, and attempting to understand its hinge and swerve entirely becomes a daunting task. However, if there is one common thread in the tapestry of human history, […]

10 Viruses With Medical Uses

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The words “virus and medical usage,” do send mixed signals to the mind, stirring up some degree of confusion. But this is to be expected given that these viruses are known to cause diseases, suffering, and even death. Despite the bad reputation that the word, virus bear, these microorganisms, like bacteria, can be important, as […]

6 Amazing Kid Inventors

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To say we have leaped forward in our technological advances is an understatement. Just in the past twenty years, humans have invented machines, computers, and all sorts of devices that help us in our everyday lives. And this also includes major contributions in the hospital industry. While most of the inventions, throughout the world, have […]