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Should We Blame This When Someone Says “F**K You?”

Labiodental sounds,‘f’ and ‘v’ sounds, Early Humans, Evolution, Human sounds, language

One of the most puzzling and controversial topics, ever examined, is to understand the development and evolution of the human sound–a topic that has been fraught with many controversies and theories, which includes, the most recent, the impact of agriculture in human sound development.   Sound can be identified as vibrations carried through air, solid […]

10 Unique Things That We Have All Noticed

Human Nature, Society, Hypocrites

Whether you are the type who keeps a solitary lifestyle, or perhaps you are the outgoing type that everyone wants to hang out with, well, as long as you are alive, you must have experienced, at least once, these unique things that for example, could make you angry, fill you up with regrets, or that […]

21 Places We Can’t Avoid That Harbor The Most Germs

Dirt, Germ, Disease, Health

The world, at large, is a dirty place. This is because there are millions of germs or pathogens in every nook and cranny of the earth, covering most of the surfaces and objects that surround us. One literally cannot help but come into direct contact with all types of viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing microorganisms […]

3 True Life Stories Online That Define Inspiration

Inspiration, success, emotional, situational, business

Many inspirational stories that you can read online abound. Some of these free online stories are fictional while other stories are based on true life experiences. This paper discusses 3 of the most relatively recent true life stories that cut across emotional trauma, to starting a venture, and to exceeding situational limitations. Hopefully, these stories […]